να ξέρετε academy (Getting to Know You)
The Infinite Possibilities in Life and Love


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Firstly, I wanted to let everyone know why Pimp Out University has been scrapped…It’s simply not worth it! To be scrutinized and ridiculed the way I was during the last year of my life has led me to new and more rewarding endeavors than having my balls handed to me by every suspicious woman I’ve dated. I’ve always been a stern advocate of following your life’s dreams and allowing yourself to transcend……I was suspended in midair by hopeless heartbrokens that wanted nothing more than to see this whole thing fail. Fine! It has only led me to follow my life’s dream. I will update you as to the state of that dream as it progresses. I have been singing my entire life and also playing guitar…..That, my friends is a hell of alot more fun than getting constantly manbashed! Trust me and best of luck to all of you!!!


















  What were those staggering stats again?… Something like 45% of women involved in a serious committed relationship and ’round about 55% of us dudes admitted to straying from a partner during a time in which we should have been making vaca plans for the summer! Cancun, here we come!! Uhhh… maybe not. Here’s my theory! We can look at all the information and data gathered by the pros as to why the heart wanders but all in all it’s simple. We’re a bunch of alcohol guzzling, morally void, ethically challenged horn-dog nymphs that couldn’t care any less about what it means to make and stand by a committment.

Honor…phooey! Trust…phhhttt! As we spit in the face of  our opposite’s wedding vows and give the maid of honor a tour of the coat room and the best man gets the best she’s got to offer, it is legitimately improbable that our actions have never called upon our conscience to intervene. Of course we know that what we are doing is completely wrong  but don’t care. Momentary gratification is all that propels us to that immoral act of ungodliness and as long as no one is the wiser, it’s as if it never happened, right?!

If you can walk back into the wedding hall after that and face your signif, you’re a master of deception and should have your own reality show. We’ll call it ‘Adults do the darndest things’……..




I am finally drawing my line in the sand. After years of diligent research and invested interest I have arrived at the conclusion that there comes a time when the gladiator must give the audience what they most want to see. Although  I originally carried a heavy heart as to the path I was destined, I am inclined to embrace it at this juncture because honor has been compromised to the point that to continue this journey toward peaceful embrace would be a detriment to that which brings us true peace.

What I am meaning to say is that at a stroke of genius I have found that love is not faith and honor based anymore. Its roots are transparent and have been replaced by less than moral and ethical core values. This being the case, I am choosing to offer my services as a consultant to men that possess little or no skill in the art of attracting women. Otherwise I would abandon my entire project due to a lack of any real belief system pertaining to true adoration. I, myself have never been good at giving bad advice so fear not I will be dutiful in my consult.

My premise will be illustrated in my book which will be finished very soon and upon reading, you will come to understand the necessity of my repositioning. I feel sorrow for those that will never love and sympathy for those that have…….











Words, unfortunately cannot create action by themselves. They require effort on the part of the processor which is you. Speak only words you have the intention of meaning, listen to only those whom move you and live only by them which inspire you………………






The fact that each one of us has seen the hellspawn that is puberty should make this particular convo a very comfy one. I, personally don’t know any virgins, *wink8, wink* (I got ya’ back, J.H.) so consider this my mom and pop speech on the birds and the bees… Whoever decided that there wasn’t much more than a junior high health class to sex was a major dildo. I’ve been on the case for longer than I can remember and sex is the most complicated piece of this fantastic life that I can even begin to express. This blog is only a starting point for what would take another millenia to totally comprehend.

Forget about the threat of an unwanted pregnancy or an unshakable STD, those are the least of your worries. Ever seen ‘Meet the Parents, Guess Who or Along came Polly? We’re not living in the middle ages anymore and sex is simply a means to an end. Ye’ Old Hit N Run may not sound so bad after being threatened at knifepoint if your gentlemen ever decide to stray from your pants or being a victim of the teary-eyed *L* word after first night sex. On the flip side, infidelity is a constant villain that seeks to destroy purity in relationships and if every lady that ever said the *L* word after we were done doin’ it actually meant it, I’d be Heff’s personal assistant.

It’s almost like a search n destroy mission. How many times have we tried, how many people have we dated, how many hearts have we broken and how many times have we been reduced to the fetal position in a pool of tears?? Maybe we weren’t meant to fall in love and just spend our formidable years explaining away the chances of ever finding some semblance of something real. Fuck it! Let’s just give up now, before it’s too late and bury our heads in the ground like the big eggers and be done with it!……………. You and I both know that’ll never happen. There’s too many strip clubs and ladies nights full of Godess-like bombshells to let all of our hard work go to waste.

Our definitive purpose in this existence is to find that one loving person so willing to put up with all of our dumb shit that they would actually be willing to spend the rest of their life with us. Trying to make us happy, nonetheless! Sex, I confess is only an expression of how we get there and where exactly we are now, not something to base an entire future upon! So, with that I leave you with one important thought…… ‘If you’ve no more respect for love than to just use sex as a way to sabotage it, best of luck with your subscription to Playboy and I’ll let Heff know what a fan you are’….


If this is how your night ended, it’s a distinct possibility that she’s either in desperate need of an intervention or she’s just not that into you, otherwise you’d have been sharing in the delusion of being in a hot tub, sipping wine at the Waldorf along with your better half! Would you believe that if it’s the latter, according to this particular illustration she’s already getting over you? And nonetheless using a lot of alcohol to do it. Bottom line, ‘over’ is the operative word here. I’ve coined a slightly less than humane bit of terminology to describe those that refuse to see the forest through the trees……. (Cling-ons): Those who choose to hold on to nothing rather than walk away with at least a smidgen of dignity.

Laugh now, cry later but how many of us have actually been in a situation where someone could have relegated us to the dumpster and we continued to sift through it in the hopes that we’d get another shot with the one who now hates us more than a Jerry Springer marathon? Drunk-dialing an ex to confess your mistakes?…A perfect waste of your precious anytime minutes, serenading her in front of her house with a cheap Mariachi band at 2 in the morn?… possible restraining order, getting drunk off your keester and taking home a dancer that reminds you of Rose Mcgowan?…priceless!





‘Throw ya hands in the air if ya just don’t care’, or at least a finger!… Some of us can become so caught up in the act of giving much less than we expect in return that Ol’ Scrooge would turn his crinkled ass over in his grave if he were here to witness our lack of humanitarianism. Sure, there are no laws in place to force us to extend a lil’ empathy when we see a fellow human being on the cusp of devastation or toss a buck into the jar at Mickey D’s for his crib that ironically does so much for the kiddos but at the end of the day we’ve learned to live with how self-contained and focused we’ve become. Call me a dinosaur but I truly care about the masses and expect to find happiness within the crevices of a decaying social system.

I’ve seen as much as the next but I refuse to blame the world for any of the turmoil in life or love that seeks to entertain us in such an unorthodox way. I’ve come to terms with gain and loss, winning and losing, good and bad and either gettin’ me some or not! One thing I can say with absolute certainty is that the Almighty did not subject any of us to the few decades we have to watch us wallow in loathing and selfishness. My theory of helping those in doubt whether it be with the ladies or needing a simple injection of confidence didn’t come as a shooting star in the night sky, it radiates over me like a pliable substance and I choose to share its illumination with everyone I possibly can…’Develop skills for life and love’ is my reality, mantra and connection with my universe. I pray that all of us will have the opportunity to change something. I am currently giving it an ol’ college try!!!







Where were you, who were you with and what were you doing? The three biggest reasons in history to shut down a love affair with the quick, fast and in a hurries. Let’s pretend for an instant that we actually do completely trust each other ( men and women, I mean ) and that successful loving doesn’t hinge on the almighty trust factor along with the ability to communicate with one another.

Bottom line folks, without the proper channels and lines of focus there is no chance of furthering the length of your endeavor. Just food for thought…….


Once upon a time, long ago the end results of relationships were about as hard to figure out as 3rd grade Social Studies. Meet a nice person, go out a few times, tackle the issue of whether or not to have sex with this person and if you did, possibly make arrangements for a cozy future of spending recess trying to figure out what the two of your kids would look like and how pretty your names seemed together written over again side by side on your spiral notebook. Damn! I miss the good ol’ days… What the hell ever happened to mixtapes, btw?

Was anyone watching as time reconfigured the entire language of dating? I mean, how did we go from a nation of handholders and movie theater cuddlers to speed-date, need for carnal purging, sexually carnivorous, baby, I only fucked your bff cuz I was drunkards?! Well, one attachment that recurs in my nightmares is the fact that we have let the world dictate the process! There’s no more he’s a playa and she’s a slut! Our once mighty and undaunted repertoire of protective English terminology has been reduced to a meaningless cache of catch phrases and online joviality. Folks, just when, where and especially how did we stop giving a shit about each other in love? Promiscuity is now acceptable and even pronounced through our world-wide media monster that’s beginning to resemble a Chaney Frankenstein. No shit! Where are our inquisitors and torch parties that insisted that we remain ethical?

We have taken full advantage of God’s free will and the lack of understanding has led us to a place of hodge-podge meniality and trendy promise breaking if for nothing else but to indulge us into further displacement and disappointment. Finding out the truth of just how many of us really don’t care is the scary part and when expressing yourself from the heart only lends tragedy to your life, something is very amiss and we can only hope that there is change in the future.

No one inherently feels the need to shatter someones feelings or mislead another to the point of manic depression but it does happen on a daily basis and unless there is a changing of the guard, the Royal jewels are in jeopardy of being ‘misplaced’…