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The Infinite Possibilities in Life and Love








We’ve all paid homage to interesting shows like when sharks attack, etc., etc.. Imagine for a sec that relationships could spark the same furor. When u think about things from a different angle, men and women as a whole are complete opposites. To have a few things in common is always nice but let’s face it, love is not a Democracy, it’s often times a conflict of interest. Someone is always conceding and accommodating the other. If we are willing to go as far as to engage one another then we must remember that it is a union based on a system of giving more than receiving.

 There will be a clear and definitive winner in every situation and it’s a matter of dealing with it or not. How much do we need to love and be loved? How much are we willing to give away? How far are we willing to go outside of ourselves to find happiness? Certainly we know the answers to all of these questions so why not stop pretending that we are not into fulfillment and pleasure in life. Indulge in love and allow it to make you whoever you need to be to enjoy this existence……











 Every good daydreamer has something they can almost touch that seemingly reaches out to them with open arms and almost embraces them before they welcome back the truth of reality. My dream, folks is to conquer the world of blissful, harmonic placidity. Well, we must all have a utopia fixation of some sort. Whether it be to run for political office, gain a contract with a professional organization or just finance that townhouse in the ‘burbs. Trust me, life is a time of constant reflection and creating that brilliant ambience of ‘WOW’ , all’s good with the planet! Ladies, gents, I love you all and challenge you to take this day and remind yourself of why you are here and how you will use this ever so short rift of time…


Speaking of irony or getting bitten in the ass by what we may say. It’s 10:30 am, I haven’t even had my coffee and I’m feeling as though ironic consequence has cursed me. Well, I’m talking about POU and this very blog again…Why could one guess that women would challenge this gent with a book about sex, a blog dedicated to sex and not one but two websites about, you guessed it…..SEX! In the case anyone was wondering, I am quite astute in the subject. I mean I have put in hundreds of hours studying the nature of just what makes us all tick when it comes to the topic of copulation. 

Talk about one fucking sensitive issue!! I’m probably going to end up running for my life at some point and let me tell you, I’m not looking forward to it. But once again I must express that I’ve always been and will remain a controversial guy. It’s in my blood to push the envelope. I couldn’t care any less that I make people slightly uncomfortable with the material I choose to put on the table. I do this for one simple reason…to bring light to something that is ruining the essence of life in its most desirable condition. I’ll admit that without a certain amount of field experience Pimp Out University wouldn’t be possible and I’ve reached this point by trial and error. Suppose for an instance that I just came along with these ideas and had no clue as to what I was doing? WOW! What a total waste of time that would’ve been for all parties involved. I love what I’m doing and wouldn’t give it up for the world. Unless of course you are influenced by the 2012 conspiracy. Ladies and gentlemen, I am very real and very knowledgeable in this which I have chosen to pursue. I cannot help that some in life are so intimidated and subsequently pissed off by someone who would dedicate their life to such an occupation that it creates a barrier between us.

I believe in love, true love to the extent that I am sacrificing myself to the Gods of mercy and rage. Take it or leave it I am the true, one and only Inscrutable Mr. Why!!! 


Will be redesigning Pimp Out University this fall. Updating it when the book is finished and making it a more professional venue. Stay with me, we’ll still have my blog until then.









I’m sure we’ve all heard every storyline in the book if we’re over the age of 18 and to be quite honest, Its starting to read more like a bad, seen it before, know how it’s gonna end horror novel. To meet someone new and hear the words “I’m different” sounds more like “I’m really a whore and you’re probably a player anyway, so let’s just do it and get it over with”! It’s becoming drown in redundancy and I can almost recite these convos verbatim while they are happening. How bad is that?

When one wakes in the morning, takes care of whatever necessary business and heads out the door to meet the day, we’re inspired to seek out exciting and challenging venues. How challenging is it to bonk a complete stranger simply because they said you were cute? How exciting is it to now be concerned as to whether or not you will soon be the proud parent of said strangers’ child? I’m seeing a very free America and even though most of us at least have heard stories of wild, 70’s promiscuous debauchery, it is now well into the millenium and sex is a fashion statement. Wide bottom pants and classic cars are the norm, acoustic rock is played on well over half the radio stations and no one gives a damn about church or state! Let me just remind you that morals and standards exist on some level, somewhere between first impressions and your 9th, pre copulation bud lite with your interloper.

 I’m starting to feel archaic in my thinking that people should turn it down a notch and actually commit to something more than a sudden, quick gratifying meeting and see ya next time. What exactly is this and why do all 7 of your kids look so different? Hmmmm……






Options, alternatives, otherwise separate, extra or supplementary choices. Who doesn’t love having options? In today’s horribly disfigured dating market full of prima donnas, lunk heads and broken promise-makers, it’s quite the gift for any budding sexaholic to have the opportunistic pleasure of selection. Just how many is too many, you might ask? Well, if you’re having trouble remembering the names of those you are in the process of drunk-dialing, chances are your contact list is too full and you need a downgrade.

The path to enlightenment on this subject is left to individual morals and ethics. With so much external confoundery involved in relationships, the best one can deduce is that it is best to maintain options with regard to affairs of the heart. Getting locked into something unhealthy or just plain scary is definitely a possibility. We don’t really know where someone has been or with how many people they’ve slept with or dated. We don’t completely understand the scenario in which abuse was a daily ritual de lo habitual for  them or whether or not they’re even telling the truth about their past. These in mind, options become your ace in the hole.

A quick once over tells us that the grass may be a lil’ greener on the other side but is it worth the task of attempting to hop that bob wire fence?  I, for one am on said fence on the topic of universal non-monogamy because one needs to make sound investments in todays’ fearful market. Without watching trends and behavior it is rather difficult to determine whether this is the right one or simply another dud! …Walk softly and carry a big schtick!!







During medeival times,  jesters were hired to entertain the royal fam. Failure to do so could result in the imprisonment or death of such an individual, so being humorous was always the only available option. Unfortunately, though we are a much more civil society we still seek to be entertained at another’s cost; generally, the masses agree that such behavior is acceptable. I would be the first to admit that I’m a sucker for a good laugh but not when it entails prioritizing myself above another. I’ll leave you today with one simple thought; embrace each sunrise with grace and duty and  allow others to inherit your sense of worth and fulfillment…





Once upon a time, it was a given that the heart afforded us the opportunity to follow it. The world was a place we’d designed as our own and hope was an unlimited commodity. Expectations and pre-existing conditions have relegated many of us to keeping our cardiac muscles wrapped neatly and tucked away in a box in our closet. Opening up to someone is not as simple as you may think; it requires a certain amount of trust and faith. There are a series of necessities one needs to undergo prior to the allowance of entry that rely entirely on sincerity and honesty. Besides the obvious task of gaining entrance or permitting someone into our personal lives if to go beyond Facebook is where there exists an imaginary boundary. No more are the good ol’ days of just saying something witty and being propelled onto the platform of social media popularity. We need evidence that you’re a normal human being with goals and a promising future. The possibility of capturing someone’s interest is not the odyssey, what to do once we come into contact with the reality of being trustworthy is…….


Every once in a while, the urge to mess with Mother Nature drives us to act auspiciously even when we know that the deck is stacked and the chances for this particular hand winning out is less than likely. You know me, what the hell!? Put the mortgage up. Let’s do it! The worst thing that could happen is that we fail miserably and spend the next month or couple of years in some cases wallowing in shame and self-loathing. Screw it! We only live once. What I’m attempting to illustrate is that life goes on. Through a series of trial and error, one’s life develops an understanding of itself in terms of capability. I recently watched ‘She’s out of my league’. I know, where have I been, right?? Actually, attending college full time, spending QT with my daughter, trying to update my blog as much as possible, writing a book and being the administrator of two separate websites… I’m really NOT a smartass, I swear! I love you guys and gals…

   If you can find five minutes one day to do some self-inventory as to where you are in correlation with where you’re going, it’s quite logical to deduce that your success thus far is frightening.  Amazing what a little retrospect can provide. Maybe you’re farther along than you’d imagined or you’ve positioned yourself better than you might have thought. The ‘Moodle’ gets the girl! Why is that news? It happens every day and we’re so self-indulged that many of us never even notice that progress is being made in this vast universe with regard to dating. Taking chances is what Bill Gates and Mr. Trump would ask of us, so why not ask that of ourselves? Life is not this cut and dry stretch of withered forest and run-down encampments; it’s a time and place of internal and external exploration. There has been many times that lady luck tried to screw me. Literally! What kept me going was an unflappable focus on the big picture and my foot on the gas pedal even though I was extremely low on petro and wasn’t certain of my destination. If you’ve read some of the earlier posts on my blog then you’ve lived this with me and are familiar with my journey thus far. Keep following and keep the faith……………………….




                 THE SYSTEM OF SEX!

An impeachment of ethics in modern dating.




A behavioral study and avant-garde look inside the world of dating and relationships in the new millenium…

                                                            COMING THIS FALL!